Appeals in Both Criminal and Civil Matters

Experienced attorneys in state and federal appellate courts

At Jasne & Florio, L.L.P., we understand the appeals process.  Our lawyers can help you appeal an unfavorable order or judgment entered against you, or assist you in defending an appeal of a case you won.  We have the experience to handle your appeal in both federal and New York State Appellate Courts.

Our attorneys will help you understand your rights when you decide to go through the appeals process and whether your matter can be appealed.  An attorney on staff has served as a principal law clerk to a judge on the highest Appellate Court in New York State, and knows best how to research, brief, and argue your case on appeal.

A criminal conviction is not always the end of the road

We fight to have your criminal conviction reversed, your sentence reduced or a new trial ordered based on such grounds as errors that occurred at trial, ineffective assistance of counsel, or newly discovered evidence.

We are well-versed in handling the following matters in state or federal appellate courts:

  • Civil appeals
  • Family court appeals
  • Criminal appeals
  • Post-judgment motions to vacate criminal convictions
  • Appeals from sentence

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