Enforcing Creditors' Rights in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Experienced in protecting creditors

At Jasne & Florio, L.L.P., we represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings who have claims against individuals or businesses seeking bankruptcy protection.

We can represent creditors in disputes handled in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding, including:

  • Adversary proceedings—litigation of a claim within a bankruptcy proceeding
  • Preference litigation—defense against allegations involving payment of debts before bankruptcy proceedings
  • Fraudulent transfers—questions related to the transfer of assets before bankruptcy that occurred outside the regular course of business
  • Dischargability issues—disputes related to the discharge of debts and allegations involving debtor misconduct and the survival of some debts after bankruptcy
  • Automatic stay proceedings—questions surrounding the applicability of automatic stays on certain debts during bankruptcy
  • Turnovers—questions surrounding the turnover of property that may be disputed during a bankruptcy
  • Confirmation objections—also referred to as cram-down litigation, disputes opposing the Chapter 11 debt reorganization plan
  • Reclamation claims—attempts by a supplier to get the goods supplied to a customer that has now filed for bankruptcy
  • Valuation proceedings—disputes concerning the valuation of assets

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If need help in protecting your status as a creditor against a person or business in bankruptcy, contact Jasne & Florio, L.L.P.