Product Liability

We can help if you have suffered an injury from a defective product

Manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of products are responsible for ensuring that their goods reaching consumers are safe for their intended use.  Products can be defective in their design or manufacture, may not be fit for their intended use, may contain improper warnings or safety devices, or may violate certain express or implied warranties.  If you are injured by a product, you may have a claim. 

You may be entitled to recover money damages to compensate you for losses caused by a defective product, including: 

  • Past medical care and treatment expenses
  • Future medical care and treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earnings
  • Past pain and suffering
  • Future pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium/loss of services

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We can evaluate who is at fault and help you determine if you have a claim.  The law limits the time for filing a product liability claim, so if you have been injured by a product, contact Jasne & Florio, L.L.P. today.